Blue Water on the Bay

October 2020

Dear Homeowner,

On behalf of your Board of Directors, I welcome several new homeowners and would like to provide everyone with a community update, as well as some clarification of condominium rules and issues.

We hope you’re staying healthy and able to enjoy Blue Water on the Bay during these unprecedented times!


The operation of our condominium is governed by a Board of Directors as required by the Condominium Act of Ontario. The Board of Directors is elected by the community to oversee the daily functions and financial responsibilities of the condominium. The Board of Directors is also charged with the responsibility of upholding the directives in our condominium documents.

Blue Water is a vacant land, condo and as such has roads, infrastructure and a clubhouse with pool as it’s common elements. The homeowners own their home and the land on which it sits. There are restrictions in our Bylaws, rules and covenants that are registered on title and legally binding owners on what changes and additions to the exterior of their home and property are permitted. Before you make any changes, please consult with Proguard. There are also rules and regulations we all follow and some these can be found on this website.

The Board of Directors has hired a registered condominium property manager (ProGuard) who is responsible for maintaining the property, as well as overseeing contracts for grass cutting and snow removal. Proguard has a staff that is eager to help homeowners with any questions on procedures, issues, or where to find forms. You can also ask any Board member for assistance with condo rules or procedures.


1)  Although we have enjoyed Blue Water as a safe community, things can happen. Police do regularly patrol here and are fairly quick to respond. However, as we are a community of nice homes on the water, we seem to attract occasional persons with no business here. We have an infrared (works night and day) camera aimed at our entrance as a community security measure. Should it be necessary, images of cars and plates can be given to police. These images are automatically erased every week.

2)  We continue to get complaints from homeowners about non-residents use of our water access at the clubhouse, as well as at the two walkways to the marsh and wetlands. You may have noticed signs posted at these locations, as well as a chain across the entrance to the Clubhouse parking lot.  These are intended to minimize the intrusion of many non resident persons parking in our private lot and accessing the waterfront.  The two walkways are designated by the town as MAINTENANCE ACCESS ONLY. For those residents unfamiliar with the issues at Blue Water about access to and use of the waterfront, please be advised that the Town of Wasaga Beach owns the waterfront and the land directly in front of Blue Water is designated as a provincially significant “coastal marsh and wetland”. The environmental impact study done prior to the development of the Blue Water condominium community states that no waterfront development or human intrusion should be permitted. Originally the Shorelane Trail was intended to run along the beach in front of all the Blue Water homes. The environmental impact study recommended to eliminate the trail to reduce human intrusion into the wetlands. We recently added a fence at the east end of the property to keep people from accessing the waterfront from that end off the existing trail. Following an incident of unauthorized work at the waterfront by a resident, the Town of Wasaga Beach threatened to erect a signed fence along the entire waterfront. Your Board, through negotiation with the town, Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority (NVCA), and Georgian Bay Forever (GBF) was able to defuse this issue and received permission to use the clubhouse water access solely for the purpose of launching non-motorized craft, as well as maintenance and removal of the invasive Phragmites weed. Should any homeowner wish to view the directive that came from the town please contact ProGuard.

3)  We continue to monitor the high water affects on our waterfront, including, the storm water catch basins and the rip rap wall.  Repairs will include added stone to the rip rap in specific areas and when water levels go down, clearing/re-building the catch basins.

4)  The community has been replacing street lights as they burn out with efficient LED units from Philips. Due to the cost we typically replace lights in groups of 3 as the old sodium bulbs burn out. We are almost done replacing these.

5)  Hopefully you noticed the newly painted Clubhouse gazebo. Thanks to several homeowners, along with the Board, we cut costs greatly by doing the work ourselves! Awesome job!

6)  The Social Committee is a diverse group of 10-12 community volunteers who work hard planning activities and events for the whole community. While COVID has put a damper on social activities, we hope to continue activities such as BBQs, music events, golf, poker, exercise classes etc in the near future.  Please contact Proguard or a committee member if you have any ideas for enhancing the community or events you would like to see happen.

Debbie MacCallum
Bluewater SCECC #367